3W/5W Built-in Battery and Driver Integrated LED Emergency Power Supply with IP65 GAP-QA-1002

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CE, MSDS, RoHS qualified LED Emergency Drive could work at the input voltage of 85V-265V and at the output voltage of 36V-72V. It has Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, open circuit protection, overshoot protection, over-discharge protection, which could ensure the safety. The inside batteries are really well-made by ternary / lithium iron phosphate, which is a sort of high temperature resistant battery and can support charge and discharge 500 times. Additionally, side design of the power switch and 3 indicator lights make the driver much more reasonable and safer.

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LED Emergency Driver Specifications

 Emergency Power 3W/5W
 Lighting fixture Power(Max)  18W
3Battery Type  li-ion battery (Ternary Lithium or Lithium Iron Phosphate battery)
Emergency duration time  ≥ 90mins
Input Voltage  AC 85V-265V
Output Voltage  DC 12V
Charging Time   ≥ 24 hours
Waterproof Level  IP 65
Product Weight  based on the battery capacity
 Product Material  flame retardant plastic
Working Lifetime  30000 hours
2 years warranty

LED Emergency Driver Features

1.Built into the box with compact li-ion battery which capacity can be customized for specific emergency hour.

2.Industrial thermal conductive plastic material for housing

3.Automatically switch on LED lighting when there is a main power failure

4.Provide over charge and discharge protection, output short protection, overload protection, over temperature protection

5. With 3 indicator lights: Green=Main Circuit, Yellow=Charging, Red=Fault.


1.Working & storage temperature: -10℃–+45℃ (Standard temperature 28℃)

2.To ensure a longer lifetime, LED emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.

3.If stored longer than 3 months in warehouse, emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.

4.Our emergency batteries can be charged/discharged 500 cycles if used in a right way.

5.Please make sure wire connection is correct before switch on for a longer time usage.

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