Why a rubbish disposal is right for the modern kitchen

A rubbish disposal, also known as a food waste disposer, grinds the food waste produced in the kitchen into fine particles in a short time and flushes them away directly through the drain. Not only does it reduce the space taken up by waste and save cleaning time, it is also great for the environment and health. It is essential for families to choose a food waste disposer that is suitable for their home use. However, in terms of the current state of our domestic kitchens, food waste disposals are not commonly installed. Many people have a wait-and-see attitude about the availability of food waste disposals.

So why is a food waste disposer suitable for the home?

1. Take up less space: food waste disposer is small and can be placed under the kitchen cabinets or in the cabinets, taking up very little space and not taking up too much space in the home.

2. Easy to clean up: the food waste disposer does not need to be cleaned manually, the machine with the little blue bottle of the Time Genie will automatically clean the inside of the machine after grinding to avoid the machine breeding bacteria and generating odours.

3. Reduce odour and bacteria: the treated food waste does not emit odour, thus reducing the number of odours and bacteria in the room and keeping the indoor air fresh.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving: The food waste processor can efficiently process food waste and reduce the environmental impact of sending it to landfill or incineration, which not only reduces the environmental impact of landfill, but also saves certain rubbish bags.

5. Time saving: reduces household chores such as delivering rubbish and disinfecting the bin.

6. Easy drainage: the treated particles are so fine that they will not block drains and sewers.

So, how to buy a food waste disposer?

1. Power: Power is an important indicator of the capacity of the food waste disposer, the greater the power, the higher the processing efficiency. However, you should also consider the power consumption and choose the power that suits your family's needs. AC motor drive power is generally in 300W-600W, permanent magnet DC motor drive power is generally in 500W-800W. usually home use to buy 300w to 600w or so can be.

2. Material: food waste disposer shell, grinder and other parts should be selected with durable and easy to clean material, so as to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, because of the specificity of the working environment, there are strict requirements for the product process, material and product technology. Therefore we have to choose a machine product that can easily cope with humid and high temperature environments and is rust-proof without deliberate maintenance.

3. Grinding system: grinding precision and material quality are also important, the smaller and more uniform the particles handled, the stronger the crushing capacity of the product and the more conducive to drainage. Try to use a system that is not easy to clog and wear.

4.Noise: food waste disposers may produce a certain amount of noise, choose a low-noise processor, can reduce the impact on family life. Therefore a low noise product in a similar comparison is undoubtedly a better choice.

Post time: May-30-2023