The Benefits of PIR Sensor Emergency Wall lights

The advantages of human body sensing emergency wall lights include:

High safety: The human body sensing wall lamp adopts wireless infrared sensing technology, which eliminates the need to touch the switch and reduces the risk of electric shock and fire.

Energy saving: The lamp only lights up when someone enters the sensing range, and automatically goes out after leaving, avoiding long-term energy waste and saving energy costs.

Convenient and practical: The induction wall light does not require manual switching. It can automatically illuminate as long as someone approaches. It is very convenient and practical. It is suitable for corridors, stairs and other places that require temporary lighting.

Emergency backup: Human body sensing emergency wall lights usually have built-in lithium batteries, which can automatically switch to emergency lighting mode when power is cut off, providing backup power for lighting to ensure safe evacuation and convenient movement.

Long life: The induction wall light uses LED light source, which has a long life, which can reduce the frequency of bulb replacement and maintenance costs.

Overall, the human body sensor emergency wall lamp provides a convenient, efficient and safe lighting solution through the characteristics of automatic lighting and energy saving.

Post time: Oct-24-2023