15 W/20W/30W LED Dust-To-Dawn Wall Light with IP65

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Our light-controlled wall lights are a smart lighting solution that offer convenience and energy efficiency. With advanced light control technology, this wall light automatically adjusts its brightness based on the surrounding ambient light levels. The light has a built-in photoresistor that accurately detects the amount of light present in the environment. During the day or when natural light is abundant, the lights stay off to save energy. When dusk falls or the room becomes dark, the photoresistor triggers the light to turn on, providing the perfect amount of illumination.

Light-controlled wall lights are designed to be easy to use and require no manual adjustments. It responds intelligently to changes in light conditions, ensuring a worry-free experience for users. Additionally, its adjustable brightness levels allow for customization, allowing you to create the desired ambience or enhance visibility as needed.

Product Detail

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Material with ADC body+PC cover

With photocontrols

Waterproof level of IP65

Easy installation with right hole size


Input Voltage 85-265V 50-60Hz
Power  15W/20W/30W
Color Temperature  3000-6500K
Lumen(lm)  1400lm/1800lm/2500 lm
PF >0.9
CRI(Ra) >80
Turn On Lux 10-30 LUX
Turn Off Lux 30-60 LUX
Body Material  ADC+PC (cover)
Product Size 115*143*83mm

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